What is important to know when hiring a car?

What is important to know when hiring a car?

Are you looking for a car for a business trip? Are you planning to trip around a city, you have just arrived in by plane? Has your own vehicle been broken? There are many reasons for making a decision to hire a car. Before you come to any car hiring company, some basic pieses of advice can be useful for you.


How should you choose a car hiring company?

There are different kinds of car hiring companies. Some of them work under very strict terms and conditions, others are more flexible. The transparency of those terms will help you in your choice. Choose those companies, which don't hid anything and answer openly to your questions. While making your choice, find out the information on the minimal age, amount of a deposit, working hours of the office (it will be a valuable information when hiring and giving back the car), as well as both obligatory and additional insuarance. Please, be aware to check all the available car models in the company. It is important so that the company does possess that very car, which meets your requirements and financial preferences. The opinions are important as well. Search the opinions in the internet about the comany. Satisfied clients is a good chance for you to leave that office being satisfied as well.


What to get to know before renting a car?

  1. The first and the most important thing is not to delay to last minute. The sooner you find out everything about available cars, the more chance you have to find exactly that very car you need.
  2. Check the terms concerning the age and driving experience. In most companies the minimal age of the driver is taken into account. In some of them, it is the age of 21 years old, and 1 year of valid driving license. In other companies, it is the age of 25 years old and 2 years of driving experience. Sometimes it is the age as well, which will indicate, the car of which class you can afford to hire. In case you look for a middle-class car and you are not inexperienced driver, it seems that you will not have any problem when hiring a car.
  3. Prepare your driving license and one additional document with a photo, prooving your identity. These are obligatory documents to rent a car.
  4. Preapare your credit or debit card with relevant amount on the account. Depending on a car renting company, you will be asked either debit ot credit card. For some companies (the significant minority) your debit card with the requiered amount will be enough, but the majority of the companies will require your credit card. In case you would like to rent an upper-class car, the company may ask you to pay with both cards as a protection measure. Pay your attention to the requiered amount on your account, which should be enough to cover the whole amount for renting a car, for a blocked deposit and for filling the car with the fuel. In other case, the company may decline you in hiring a car. After making the final calculations, the difference between the whole amount to be paid and the blocked amonut on the account, is bieng unblocked and returned to your account.

Fuel, fees and damages

Are you worried about those 'unpredictable moments' in your car? Fuel is not water, police and company fees are possible, car crash may happen to everyone on the road. What happens in those cases when you drive a rental car? While getting the car from the company, you will get the exact information on the fuel level, as a rule, the car is fully filled with the fuel. The car is to be returned with the same quantity of the fuel. Road fees are on the part of the driver, but not the owner of the car. Thus, it is you who is responsible for all the fees during your rental period. The same concerns parking. In case of car accident, the situation is more complicated. It would be better to get aware of insuarance terms and conditions. In different companies such cases can be treated in different ways. Usually, if another driver is blamed in the car accident, the insuarance cover the damages. In case, the rentor of the car is blamed, it is the rentor, who covers the damage costs or additional insuarance, if it has been paid before.


Which questions you should ask in a car hiring company office?

  1. When exactly you are to return the car. Some of the companies work under 'hotel principal' of days calculations. In case you return the car later, you are to pay for an additional day.
  2. If you are to return the car in that very place? if there is a possibility for a company representative to pick it up, or for you to return it in the other department? If the company takes extra fees for that?
  3. The obligatory insuarance, what does it cover? If there is a possibility to pay for additional insuarance?
  4. If there is a limitation in the kilometers during one day? It is a general procedure in most car renting companies. It is connected with the car depreciation process. The extra fees for additional kilometers are not high. Mostly, in everage, it is about 1 zloty for one kilometr.
  5. What happens if you deside to return the car earlier. If the paid amount will be partially decreased?
  6. Check the car rental Protocol. In the Protocol all the damages and stripes are to be mentioned. Make sure, if everything corresponds, so that at the end you will be sure in all the stripes on the car.


To hire a car can be a good solution in different situations. The process itself is not as complicated as it may be seemed. The most important thing is to choose a reliable company with professional approach and to get aware with terms and conditions of renting a car procedure. Every other rental process will be easier and faster. We do hope, that our tips will simplify your life during your car hiring process!

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