Electric car rental - advantages and disadvantages

Electric car rental - advantages and disadvantages

The offers of car rental companies include various models and sizes of cars for rent. You can choose in terms of size, gearbox, color and also the type of fuel. One of the newest types offered is electric rental cars. Choosing models powered by electricity brings a lot of benefits, not only financial.
See what privileges await you if you choose an electric car.


Free parking in city paid parking zones

Electric cars can park for free in the City Parking Zones. Usually, such cars are specially marked, which allows them to be easily recognized and omitted when checking parking tickets. It happens that the guards controlling the parking lots will not notice the information and issue a ticket - then it is enough to write an appropriate letter for cancellation of the penalty. However, such situations are very rare.


The possibility of free parking not only saves money, but also time to look for parking meters and return with a ticket.
Electric cars from Centrum Rent a Car to Mini Coopery SE, which are properly marked.


Special parking spaces

Some cities have introduced or are about to introduce places only available for electric cars. We can stop on them and leave the car while the battery is charging.


The percentage of electric cars in Poland is not very high, so such seats are often free than standard ones. An electric car from a rental company gives you the opportunity to park in a crowded city easier, especially if you are at the end of the battery.


Driving in green zones

Many cities have introduced green zones - places that cannot be driven by vehicles that emit exhaust fumes. Electric car is exempt from such a ban, so you can drive it into zones marked as ecological.


Such zones are called Clean Transport Zones. Currently, there are not as many of them in Poland as abroad and law enforcement is met with great disapproval by drivers of internal combustion vehicles, but many cities say that they intend to introduce such zones in the near future.
Currently, it was introduced as the first Krakow in the Kazimierz district.


Faster driving - electric bus lane

In the “Law on road traffic” (Art. 184a) there is a provision on the possibility of electric cars moving on the bus lane. This allows not only to move around the city more freely, but also to avoid many traffic jams. We know that it saves both time and our nerves.
The act is nationwide, so it applies throughout Poland, regardless of the city.


Quiet and ecological driving

Electric motors are quieter and more environmentally friendly than internal combustion or hybrid engines. Driving an electric car means, above all, much lower exhaust emissions, thanks to which we care for the environment without sacrificing the convenience of car transport. Electric cars for rent are therefore a great option for environmentally friendly people who do not want to pollute the environment while driving the car.


Electric car users also agree that the car is quieter, which significantly improves driving comfort. You can fully enjoy your favorite music while staying in touch with the sound signals on the road (e.g. emergency vehicles).


New driving experiences

Automotive fans, experienced drivers, as well as people looking for the perfect car for themselves will surely appreciate the opportunity to test a completely different driving quality of a new generation electric car.
The Mini Cooper SE has 184 HP under the hood and can accelerate to 100 km / h in even 7.3 seconds. Instant torque is something that few traditional riders can experience. Renting a Mini Cooper SE is therefore a great opportunity to experience a bit of emotion and feel the famous effect of "dent in the armchair". Thanks to the fast acceleration, you can also move out of the traffic lights faster, merge into motorway traffic more efficiently, or perform a passing or overtaking maneuver more safely.
Such good parameters of the car will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of cars.


Driving costs

Electric motors, including those in the Mini Cooper SE (for rent in our offer), are also cheap charging. Electricity is much cheaper than popular methods of powering cars, such as petrol or even gas. There are also places where you can charge your electric car free of charge. This is made possible by some stations for holders of special cards, and often also by hotels or other tourist and service points.
By choosing an electric car from the offer, you can lower your operating costs.


Electric car rental means both financial benefits and special road privileges. Privileges are introduced to encourage drivers to switch to green cars.
Currently, electric cars in Poland are not very popular yet, so the benefits of their use are available to a small number of drivers who can enjoy a more relaxed and cheaper ride. When renting a car from a rental company, it is worth considering choosing the Mini Cooper SE electric car.

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