Vacation car rental

Vacation car rental

Going on vacation (especially when you already have a family) often involves long planning, not only for attractions, but also transport, accommodation and things necessary for packing. It happens that our private car, although it is ideal for daily business trips and transporting children to kindergarten, turns out to be not fully functional during holidays, winter breaks or Christmas breaks. What we will not always think about, and could save our peace of mind, a pleasant journey and a good rest? Rent a car for a trip! This solution will facilitate many issues.


A holiday trip to the seaside? You live in Krakow and you want to rest with your family a bit on the beach by the sea waves and walk along the beautiful streets of the Tri-City. Or maybe a trip for a winter break or for a Christmas rest in a cottage on the slope of the mountains. It is quite a challenge. A long route requires you to be properly prepared not only in terms of choosing the right route, but also packing, checking the technical condition of the car and anticipating possible road events. The rented car will respond to the needs that you may not even think about.


Vehicle size

Problem with packing suitcases with clothes, dinghies, diver's outfits, bicycles, skis or other useful gadgets? And where else can you put a lot of souvenirs that you want to bring from your vacation? Rent a car that has a luggage compartment suitable for your family and a spacious enough interior to accommodate all the necessary packages and comfortably seat all tour participants. Regardless of whether you are going on a trip with children or taking a team of friends, during long trips, especially during holidays and holidays, you do not want to tire in a cramped vehicle, loaded with suitcases to the brim, just spend the journey comfortably and start your adventure the moment you get in the car . All you need to do is choose a larger car from a rental company such as Renault Traffic and enjoy a pleasant journey.


Convenience of driving and technical condition

Of course, not only passengers count on an undisturbed journey. Especially the driver should be comfortable so that the route is not tiring and stressful for him. The appropriate size of the car, the possibility of adjusting the seat, facilitating driving, which may be missing in your car, and of course good visibility without disturbing an overcrowded trunk are just some of the advantages of a well-chosen rental car. The certainty about the technical condition of the car also turns out to be an invaluable aspect. When you get into a rental car, you can be sure that every element of it has been thoroughly checked and completed. Employees ensure that the oil is changed in time, the brakes and clutch are operational, the type of tires is adapted to the season, all the lights respond appropriately and many other elements. This will save not only your time, which you would spend on self-checking and possible service, but also ensure a smooth route without the stress of the vehicle's functioning.


Travel without obstacles

Forewarned is forewarned, so have you thought about possible road accidents? If you have a collision or damage to your car on the way, you will automatically receive a replacement car, and the damaged car will be towed away from anywhere without any problems. An accident can also happen to you abroad - the rental company will solve the situation without any problems and after a short time you can go on and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.


One way travel

Larger car rental companies, such as ours, also allow you to rent a car for a one-way route. Thanks to the location of our points in various Polish cities, you can pack a bike, drive a long route (e.g. from Krakow to the Tri-City or from Warsaw to Katowice), return the car to its destination and enjoy active holidays on bicycle routes or a party atmosphere. Time to come back? You can rent a car again and transport yourself safely home.


A rental car is a great solution for vacation trips, whether it's summer holidays, winter holidays or Christmas breaks. Regardless of whether you are going with the whole family, with a team of friends or on the lonely conquests of bicycle routes, a rented car can provide you with a peaceful and comfortable route, knowing that in the event of an emergency, you can count on quick help from the rental company and continue the route without any problems.

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