How to set up a car rental company?

How to set up a car rental company?

Would you like to try yourself in such a business as a car rental company? That's a grate idea! Sure, in the very beginning you need a kind of support. We can offer you our support in practically all of your steps in this field, due to Franchise. We will provide you with all practical information. We will help you with documentation, take care of a good marketing. Are you hesitating on wether it would be better to set up the office close to the airport, or maybe in the center of your city or town? Are you hesitating in your experience and knowledge on how to build a logo? Or maybe you don't know, which documents are to be prepared? We've got a lot of experience in this field. We will support you in your business.


Why should it be exactly a car rental company?

A car rental company is a very good choice for doing a business, which is not only a profitable business, but a very pleasant job as well. If there anyone, who wouldn’t like to work with cars? Especially for most men the dreams may come true in this field. And it is possible with us.


Let's start with the basic things, or in which way exactly car rental companies fullfill their activity?

The firm have cars of different makes, sizes and aimed for different purposes. The clients need those cars for a certain period of time. There is no sense for them to buy a car for several days. A client looks for a firm, comes to your office, fullfills the documents, pays for hiring a car and drives from your place by a car. As soon as the period agreed is finished, he returns the fully fueld car. You or your employees wash it, check it and prepare for a trip of your new client.


How to start and how to deal with a car rental company?

Doing the whole business by yourself, especially setting it up, can be exhousting. There are lot's of things to think about and, besides it, ther is very much for doing. And additionally you need to find new clients and create a customers database. That's why it would be better to deside on working under Franchise. You need several basic things. We will give you our support and knowledge.


You need to set up by yourself the following:

  • To set up a company with a corresponding activity in the lists of business activities.
  • An office (we can also set up a virtual, online, office with servising your customers in a certain address, in case you wouldn't like to possess an office), in which you will provide customer servises, and the parking for your cars.
  • A range of cars or financial capital. You don't need to have lot's of cars. New cars can be added to the range at any time you'd like. At the very beginning you need at least several cars, and we will have a possibility to rent our cars as well.

You will get the following from us:

  • A complete know-how regarding to that business - we will advise you how to serve your clients, where to look for them, we will help you to add properly new cars to your range.
  • Documentation - you don't need to employ lowyers, creat documents and check them properly. You will receive the documents from us. We have already got them checked in a proper way, due to that we are safe from unexpected problems in the field of legislation.
  • Marketing assistance - you don’t need to build your new logo and create a new You don't need niether pay nor worry about your page promotion or advertising. It's all on our side. Your address of car rental will be advertised on our www pages by our specialists. There is no doubt, that you are free to look for your own clients, if you want to have them more, but the basic activity is on us!



Setting up a car hiring company, even that one under Franchise, will cost you a certain sum of money. You are to possess a finanse capital amount of 50 - 100 thousands of zlotes. Though the expenditures will be quickly returned. At the expenditures of 100 thousands of zlotes, you can earn about 5-15 thousands of zlotes. Your investments probably will be returned to you within 1-2 years. You will pay the commissions to us. Due to that you will be sure that we are also interested in your business development. And we will support you in your business in the best way we can.


Which car rental company I need to choose to invest in?

The question is the following: If I set up a franchise company, which direction I need to follow? There is no a general answer to this question. Please, feel free to contact us, getting to know your possibilities, we will advise you if it will be better to work with companies or individual clients. We will deside togehter if it is better to set a company close to the airport or in the center of your town. We will deside as well how it's better to hire cars without limitation in kilometers in order both sides, you and your clients, would be satisfied. The first step towards your success is your contact with us. We will get acquainted with you and we will deside together with you the best way to follow.

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