What to see in the Warsaw area - a parking guide

What to see in the Warsaw area - a parking guide

Have you come to Warsaw for business matters, to visit your family or maybe to a well-known doctor? Take your free time to explore. Our car rental in Warsaw will provide you with a car during your stay. Why wouldn't you use your free time to visit the most interesting monuments? Be sure to check out our guide to places worth seeing!

We know that a rental car will accompany you on your travels, so we have also prepared short parking information.


Old Town with the Royal Castle

Can anyone who was in the capital bypass this place? However, this location is so obvious that some people forget about it. The Old Town in Warsaw is teeming with life. Despite the unchanging monuments and monuments, it is worth walking the streets every time we are in this city. Tastes in cafes, antique stalls, glowing balloons and street musicians can delight you every time again!
The old town has its own atmosphere that will make us feel amazing.
An additional curiosity will be the fact that the Warsaw Old Town has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The main reason was the almost exact reconstruction of the city destroyed by the occupation.
If you want to visit the Old Town and surrounding attractions, such as Krasiński Palace or the Cathedral Basilica, you can park in the underground guarded parking lot on Plac Krasiński. However, it is worth making a reservation sooner.


Royal bathroom

Warsaw is not only tenement houses, concrete and large office buildings. You can find a beautiful piece of green area for a walk with the family or a date. Royal bathroom. In the whole complex you will find over 26 objects to visit, e.g. Myślewicki Palace, Amphitheater, Belvedere, as well as 5 gardens: romantic modernist, Chinese, Dutch and of course royal.
In November 2019 the "Free November" campaign is underway.
There are 2 car parks next to the complex: one at the entrance from ul. Officers, the second from the entrance at Aleje Ujazdowskie.



A proposal for those interested in the world. Not everyone likes to visit historical monuments. In the Copernicus Science Center, most will find something for themselves. There are exhibitions, scientific shows, laboratories (robotic, physical, chemical and biological) and a planetarium. Children will like it especially, but adults will not be bored there. The center is located not far from the old town. So you can take a walk about 20 minutes, when the car will be waiting in the parking lot at Plac Krasińskich. However, if you prefer to move your rental car closer, you can use a paid unguarded car park for guests of the Copernicus Science Center. Nearby there is also Carrefour with a car park and UW underground car park.


Warsaw Zoo

After visiting the Old Town, a walk in the Royal Łazienki and a dose of knowledge from the Science Center, you can get in the car and head to the other side of the river to see the animals in the Warsaw Botanical Garden. It is over 39 hectares of land filled with animals from different parts of the world - according to sources there are over 3.5 thousand animals. There is something to watch!
We recommend going there during the show feeding hours, e.g. of penguins, chimpanzees or gorillas.
You can leave your car in the car park on ul. Targowa 72 in Galeria Wileńska. Parking is free during the week and you only need to show your ticket from the ZOO during the weekend. You can also use the nearby parking lot at the Gdańsk Bridge or the city parking zone.


Warsaw Uprising Museum

Not just for patriots. We believe that every Pole should see the Warsaw Uprising Museum at least once in his life. The exhibition includes objects of everyday use as well as used to fight during occupation and uprising. We will learn the historical facts of the battlefield, as well as the lives of insurgents in later times of the Polish People's Republic.
The museum has over 3,000 exhibits. Some rooms have interactive elements, and sometimes even screens that display short film screenings.
The biggest problem for people traveling by car is the lack of an official parking lot of the Museum. You can park along the streets: Przyokopowa, Grzybowska, Hrubieszowska, Karolkowska and Kasprzaka. There are also two parking lots in the area: Proximo (belonging to the office complex) and CARPARK at Plac Europejski - sometimes, however, even hard to find a free space there.


There are still many places that we have not included in the list, e.g. the National Museum, the Palace of Culture, the Diving Museum. However, we have included places that every Pole should visit. If you are in Warsaw and you find a moment of free time, it is worth taking turns from our list. You also know where to park your rental car, so you will avoid repeatedly circling the buildings to find a place.

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