What to see in the Krakow area - a guide with parking information

What to see in the Krakow area - a guide with parking information

Krakow is a historical and historic city. Hardly anyone can say that he has never been here. Even if it was, he should make up for it quickly. Immediately after Warsaw, this is the second city where every Pole should be at least once. And preferably several times - each time it delights again. Krakow is the former capital of Poland! Full of monuments, great stories and important places. Below is a small guide with parking information, so that each of our clients can explore the city without having to worry about where to leave the rented car.


Old Town - Main Square and nearby area

As in every city, the Old Town and the Main Square deserve special attention. This is where the most important places are located and social life is focused. Krakow's Old Market Square is an absolute number 1 point in sightseeing. In one parking you will visit a dozen or so most important points, eat a tasty dinner and learn many interesting facts. When you stand on the Main Square with the Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Town Hall Tower and the Cloth Hall, you will see that this is just the beginning. In the vicinity you will also find wonderful churches (St. Wojciech, St. Mary's, St. Anna), plates commemorating important events from Poland, the sculpture of Igor Mitoraj, the monument of Piotr Skrzynecki and the Jagiellonian University. Get a lot of energy for this element of the trip! You have a lot to see and many paths to go.
In the center of Krakow, as in every city there is a paid parking zone and it is difficult to find good places. So that you don't have to drive on the narrow streets, we suggest where to look for places.


If you care about free places and you prefer to go a bit:

  • ul. Prądnicka behind the viaduct - about 30 minutes on foot
  • Tesco car park at ul. Wybickiego
  • ul. Chodowiecki - about 30 minutes on foot
  • Aleja 3 Maja - about 20 minutes on foot

Paid spaces and parking lots, closer to the destination:

  • Galeria Krakowska - 15 minutes on foot
  • Museum parking lot at Al. Mickiewicza 18 - 12 min walk from the Main Square, and also one of the points worth seeing


National Museum and its objects

A short distance from the Main Square there is a complex of buildings related to the National Museum. We describe them separately, because it would be difficult to visit all the amazing monuments of the Main Square and the surrounding area in one go, including all the museum's points. We recommend starting the museum tour from the Main Building, from which you can go to the homes of Emeryk Hutten-Czapski and Józef Mehoffer, as well as Jan Matejko. Krakow. Has a great website of the National Museum, where you can choose the topics you are interested in and plan your day of visiting https://mnk.pl/planer

At this point, leaving the car is easier - as we mentioned above, the National Museum has a parking lot for its customers. There you can safely leave your rental car and walk to museum exhibitions and buildings.


Wawel Royal Castle and the Wawel Dragon

Another "must see" point - probably the most famous monument of Krakow, if not even Poland. I do not know the person who would hear the "Wawel Dragon" and would not associate it with Krakow. The Royal Castle itself can be visited for a long time - you'll see, among others: Royal Chambers and Apartments, Crown Treasury and Armory, Exhibitions: Eastern Art and Lost Wawel. There are many to see, and this is the Wawel Castle itself. There are still a few points left of the Wawel Cathedral and after a short walk towards the river, the sooner mentioned Wawel Dragon breathing fire and the Sandomierz Tower.


Parking is also available for Wawel visitors. In this case, it is an underground car park at Plac Na Groblach 34.


Krakus Mound

Krakus Mound is a hill that is about 16 meters high. Tourists value them because of the beautiful views. We recommend it as an additional point, which will allow you to see all the great places of Krakow and the wonderful Panorama from afar. It is also worth reading about the history, or rather legends about this place. It is not unequivocally confirmed how the elevation arose, which makes it even more interesting.


In the vicinity of the Krakus Mound you will find a lot of parking lots, thanks to which you will keep your strength to "climb to the top" - you can use:

  • free parking on ul. Wielickiej 28A - unfortunately it is small, so you may have a problem finding a place for yourself, but with a bit of luck you have a free stop at any time.
  • free places at Plac Przystanek - situation as above. Few places and a lot depends on luck.

If you don't mind a 20-minute walk, you can use the Stare Podgórze car park at ul. Zamoyskiego 22. Parking is paid, but several levels and it is much easier to find a place. Part of the road to the Mound can be overcome by Bednarski Park, admiring the picturesque landscape.


Krakow is a city full of places worth seeing. We've focused here on some of the most important. If you will be passing through here, regardless of whether by car from our car rental company or your own, it is worth adding these points to your route.

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