What can be visited in the vicinity of Łódź - a guide with parking information

What can be visited in the vicinity of Łódź - a guide with parking information

This time, we visit Łódź with our guide series. This city is especially geared towards students and culture. If you come here for business, family or purely tourist reasons, there are some interesting points worth visiting. You can use our rental car for sightseeing.


Piotrkowska Street

Unlike most cities, where the first and most important point is the Old Town and the Market Square, here we go a bit further. One of the most important places in this city is Piotrkowska Street. One of the longest shopping streets in Europe (over 4 km) - loaded with beautiful townhouses, monuments and sculptures. This is where the city's social life focuses.
A few interesting points on Piotrkowska Street:

  • Monument to the Lodzians of the Millennium Turn - over 13,450 donations with the names of the founders
  • Street springs created as part of the project "Fountains for Łódź" - columns with drinking water in the form of sculptures depicting children and fish.
  • Numerous historic tenement houses, such as Jan Petersilge's "Kamienica pod Gutenbergiem", Szaja Goldblum's tenement house, Schychty's tenement house and many others.
  • Palaces, e.g. the palace and manor house of Ludwik Geyer or the palace complex of the Scheibler family.
  • Churches: Pentecost and Evangelical-Augsburg pw. st. Matthew
  • Buildings of Ludwik Geyer's Cotton Manufactories Joint Stock Society
  • Rose Passage

It could be exchanged for a long time - but it's best to see it with your own eyes. Regardless of what time you choose: evening or day - you will surely feel the unique atmosphere of Łódź here.


Traffic and parking:

In 2014, the city organized an action in which leaflets and posters about parking spaces were distributed. At that time, the existence of over 1.5 thousand. positions.
You can park e.g. along the following streets perpendicular to Piotrkowski: Traugutta, Moniuszki, Tuwima, Nawrot, Jaracza, Więckowskiego and Revolution 1905.
There are also many private car parks, e.g.

  • next to Galeria Central at the very beginning of ul. Piotrkowska (from the side of Adam Mickiewicza Avenue),
  • multi-storey car park SMŚ at 113 Sienkiewicza Street and two small car parks in front of it - 12 minutes walk,
  • parking at ul. Wólczańska 135 - looks unattractive, but is very close,
  • near Gdańska and Politechniczna Streets - there is a car park, McDonalds and BP Station - 10 minutes on foot.


Science and Technology Center and Planetarium

While in Łódź, it is worth driving to the Science and Technology Center. There are educational paths on the site: "Energy conversion", "Knowledge and civilization development" and "Microcosm-macroworld". In addition, sections dedicated to film culture, as well as comics and computer games. And of course, the Planetarium cannot be forgotten. There is something interesting and educational for everyone.


The Science and Technology Center has its car park from ul. Dowborczyki 7. If there are not enough places here, you can also use the car park at the Łódź Fabryczna station.



Until recently, the largest Aquapark in Poland - Aquapark Fala. Worth a visit if you like fun but don't need a lot of excitement. However, if you want to rest in the most modern place and full of attractions, we encourage you to go beyond the borders of Łódź in the vicinity of Stanisławów. This will not be a problem since you have your rental car at your disposal. In February 2020, the largest Polish water complex, SUNTAGO, was opened there.


Aquapark SUNTAGO has its own large parking lot, from which you can also take a bus to the main entrance! A well-thought-out solution.


Botanical garden with the Palm House

For fans of nature and warm climates, we recommend the Botanical Garden with a large collection of exotic plants, including over 150-year-old Palms.


Next to the botanical garden you will find a free car park - entry from ul. Targowa.


Fabulous Łódź

Sculptures of characters from children's fairy tales located in different parts of the city. You will find, among others Kota Filemona, Misia Uszatka or Plastusia. 10 sculptures depicting fairy tales that were created in Łódź. Most of them are located near Piotrkowska and Mickiewicza Streets. Pingwin Pik-Pok and Maurycy and Hawranek are located a bit further, in the botanical garden.


You will see 8 out of 10 sculptures while visiting Piotrkowska and using one parking. The other 2 sculptures when parking and visiting the botanical garden.


There are really many places and attractions in Łódź. It is impossible to list everything here. We have marked a few, in our opinion, the most interesting points that you can easily drive to with your own or rented car. Decide for yourself how many of them you can visit.

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