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Car Rental Ełk and Augustów

Ełk - One of the most stunning cities in Warmia and Masuria. A beautiful, very popular place in terms of tourism and leisure. The town is located directly on Lake Ełckie, and is additionally surrounded by many other picturesque lakes, rivers and forests of this region. The city located in the center of the Green Lungs of Poland is a frequent tourist destination, as well as a place of residence for a very large population. Great location, unique natural environment and many attractions positively affect not only the inhabitants, but also tourists coming to the city, who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of larger cities alongside nature. An additional advantage will be the already designed expressway "Via Baltica" enabling convenient and comfortable access from the center of Poland to Ełk itself.
Both tourists and numerous residents, as well as those coming to Ełk on business matters, will find a convenient means of transport adapted to their individual needs. Our car rental company will satisfy these needs.


We will rent you a car for the duration of your stay, moving or repairing your own car.


You will find our headquarters at 5 Nadrzeczna Street, but we can arrange a different place to pick up the car. Contact us and tell us about your needs and we will try to find the best solution. We also offer car rental in Augustów - we can deliver a car of your choice from our offer to Augustów.


Renting a car in our center is just a few simple steps.

  1. You choose and book a rental car - the full range of cars can be found on the "Available cars" page. You can make a reservation via a simple form or by phone.
  2. At the meeting, you sign the necessary documents and pay a returnable deposit (you can read more about it in the article on car rental)
  3. You get in the car and go back to your business.

The choice of a car depends on your expectations and availability. In our rental car offer we have cars that will answer all your needs. From luxury, through family, to vans.


You will find us:

  • Family cars for rent - ideal for families spending their holidays in Masuria (eg Renault Traffic). You can fit the whole family in them and provide yourself with comfortable transport.
  • Compact city cars from the rental company (we also have hybrid cars for rent) - they will be perfect for people on the run, for work or for an emergency trip, when, for example, your car refused to obey.
  • Rental van (eg Fiat Ducato Maxi) - helps you move, sell old furniture or transport large purchases.
  • A luxury car - it will make your birthday dream come true, help you with elegant proposals or provide beautiful moments when traveling to the wedding


Renting a car in a rental company in Ełk or Augustów, you can travel not only within the same city, but all over Poland. We have many points in various regions of Poland, so you can pick up your car in one city and return it in another.


Our rental is clear rules and favorable conditions that can be adjusted to your expectations:

  • We rent cars from one day, for any amount of time. You can count on attractive discounts when renting a car for a longer period.
  • You choose a car from a wide range of rental companies, thanks to which you get exactly what you need.
  • You can pick up the car at the headquarters or arrange a pickup with us in a convenient location for you and us.


Call us or write to us, tell us about your needs, and we will certainly choose the best option for renting a car for you.

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