What is a deposit?

Security deposit is a cash hold on a credit card, debit card or pay card for the time of the car rental. If the card does not have the function of pre-authorization (cash hold), the employee of the car rental company will conclude a sale transaction, and after the car is returned, the money will be transferred back to the card.


Do you return deposits?

The deposit is returnable. If the car is returned without any damage, the deposit is unblocked.


Where can I collect the car that I have rented?

By default, you collect the car at our branch office. You can also order an optional delivery service where we deliver the car to any place you specify, e.g. to an airport,  or a hotel.


Can I pick up the car from another location than listed on the reservation form?

If you need to collect or drop off the car in any other location, please choose the city from the list, then in the "description" field precisely describe the place you require the car, for example: Location: Warsaw and address "


Do you deliver cars to airports?

Yes, we deliver cars to all airports in Poland.


Are there any additional payments for renting a car?

We do not want to surprise you with additional charges that you do not know about at the time of rental. We always tell you about any possible surcharges (e.g. bringing the car to a designated location or renting for an additional day) when you make your reservation, according to the rates listed in the rental price list.


Is it necessary for me to have a credit card in order to rent a car?

We accept credit card, debit card or pay card . Note, if you make a reservation on our website you can choose one of the following method of payment: credit card, debit card or pay card, traditional or on-line bank transfer. If you make a reservation with a short notice the method of payment is credit card, debit card, pay card or cash in our office.


Can a company pay for a rental by bank transfer?

Yes, of course. We have provided a mechanism for payment by bank transfer.


Can I hire additional equipment, such as a GPS system?

Yes, you can. In our online booking form, you can select the options and additional equipment you require, e.g. a GPS system, a child car seat, etc.
When booking a vehicle by phone or in person at an Express branch office, please ask the booking clerk to check the availability of the additional equipment you require and to provide you with a quotation.


Can I take your vehicle outside Poland?

The vehicle may be taken outside Poland to all European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway and Croatia after obtaining a written consent. If you wish to take the vehicle outside Poland, you must inform us about it before you pick up the vehicle. If you plan to take the vehicle to a country not listed above, contact us by phone at (+48 ) 530 88 77 77 or Centrum Rent a Car.
You will be charged an extra fee, as the vehicle will need some additional equipment to comply with the requirements of other European countries.


Can the vehicle be driven by a person other than that who signed the rental agreement?

Yes. You must, however, tell us when picking up the vehicle and present identification documents and valid driving licenses of all drivers.


What should I do if the vehicle breaks down or is involved in a road accident?

If the vehicle breaks down, is immobilized, is involved in an accident or you have some other problem, please contact Express immediately by calling our Technical Helpline at (+48) 530 88 77 77. Our assistant will give you all the necessary information and advice about what you should do , and can be called from within or outside Poland.


Can you rent a car to a person not a company?

Yes, we can. The person must be at least 21 years old, in possession of a driving licence for at least 1 year and able to present another ID document.


I don't have a card. Can somebody else pay for me?

Yes, they can in particular cases. In case the person collecting a car or driving it will be different from the person making the payment, please enter this information on a booking form or (notify our Reservations).


Do I have to have an international driving licence to rent a car in your company?

The issue of validity of driving licences in Poland is governed by EU regulations valid for all EU countries and for other countries - provision of the Vienna Convention. Owners of countries other than listed there, should present an international driving licence. Owners of national licences issued in e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Turkey should also present an international licence.

List of countries which issue the licence authorizing them to drive on Polish territory: Albania, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Congo, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Philippines, Finland, France , Greece, Georgia, Guyana, Spain, Holland, Iran, Ireland, Island, Israel, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro,  Germany, Niger, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Central Africa, South Africa, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Senegal, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Coast d'Ivoire, Zaire, Zimbabwe


The terms and conditions require a 72-hour notice for any car rental. Can I rent a car for the next day or even the same day?

Yes, it is possible to rent a car at a short notice, but then payment requirements are more restrictive. In order to rent a car for the next day, a credit card payment is mandatory; a bank transfer cannot be accepted. In case of an immediate need to rent a car, please contact a selected Express office directly (contact details are on www.centrum-rentacar.pl), or Customer Helpline (+48 ) 530 88 77 77. Every non-standard rental is agreed directly with a branch staff member or a Customer Helpline consultant.

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