Privacy Policy

We have full regard and respect for the privacy right and personally identifiable information protection of our internet service visitors.

The following document defines rules of collecting and using the information obtained during services implementation.

1.    We do not link the statistical data with any database containing personally identifiable information.

2.    For better adaptation of the service contents and structure, similarly as many other, our web site uses cookies. Information collected by means of the cookies are e.g.: IP (Internet Protocol) address, used when your computer connects to internet, specifications of the web browser and system that you are using. These information are stored with preservation of the same safety standards as for the personally identifiable information. Having an access to internet you can use options that allow to disable cookies. Information collected in this way will be used in a manner which do not encroach upon privacy right.

3.    Personally identifiable information (including post addresses, phone numbers and e-mails) that are sent by users through the service electronic forms are collected and used only for the purposes of:
- reply to asked questions
- preparation of sale offer concerning our company’s business activities.

4.    Promotional actions, announced competitions that are pursued by means of this service are sent only to the registered users, who have freely given their content to receive information from our company.



Administrator of personal data gathered by  is Centrum Rent a Car sp. z o.o. situated in 05-552 Stefanowo, Ułanów 26B street. NIP: 123-130-52-20; REGON: 362029144 KRS: 000056707, e-mail:, further known as: “Administrator”.


§ 1 Purpose and range of personal data gathering

  1. Personal data will be processed only to fulfill reservations made by website which represents legitimate purpose of entrepreneur . Data for this purpose will be processed according to article 6 act 1 letter b), c) and f) of Decree by European Parliament and EU Council 2016/679 from 27 April 2016, regarding  protection of natural person regarding personal data processing, free flow of such data and repeal of directive 95/46/WE (GDPR).
  2. After accepting separate agreement, based on article 6 act 1 letter a) GDPR data may be processed to send commercial information by e-mail or telephone calls, for marketing purposes- according to  article 10, act 2 of decree from 18 July 2002 about Providing Services electronic way, or article 172 act 1 of decree from 16 July 2004 about Telecommunications Law, directed as a result of profiling, as long as user expresses agreement.
  3. In case of car delivery, personal data may be shared with driver only for delivery purpose.
  4. Personal data processed  regarding realization of service will be processed for the time necessary for the service completion, afterwards data must be archived and stored, for the time suitable for possible claim expiration which is 5 years.
  5. Personal data processed for commercial purposes, included in voluntary statement is going to be processed until agreement will be cancelled.
  6. In case, when personal data processing will offend the GDPR laws, person  whom laws concern, has right to make a complaint to President of Office of Personal Data Protection.
  7. Giving personal data is voluntary, yet necessary for registration of reservation. Consequence of not giving such information is lack of possibility to finalize car rental procedure.
  8. Personal data which we process is:
    1. Name and Surname
    2. address
    3. phone number and e-mail address
    4. ID card or passport number
    5. Driving License number
    6. In case of rental from accident perpetrator insurance, case number  is required as well.
  9. Personal data is not to be processed automatically in profiling form
  10. Administrator takes special care in case of protecting  interests of persons who:
    1. data concerns, and claims, that the data of his are being processed legally
    2. are gathered for known, legal purposes, and not given to further processing incompatible with these purposes
    3. essentially correct and adequate to purposes, in which they are processed and stored for, in form enabling to identify persons, that it concerns, not longer than necessary to achieve processing purpose.


§ 2 Right to control

  1. Person whom data concerns has:
    1. right to access to your personal data
    2. right to withdraw the permission for personal data processing
    3. right to demand correction of your personal data
    4. right to demand deleting your personal data
    5. right to reduce processing of your personal data
    6. right to object processing Your personal data according to Your particular situation, in case when we process your data based on  our justified interest.
    7. right to move your personal data- right to get from us your personal data, in structured, widely used machine readable-computer format. You may send this data to another administrator, or demand from us to send it. However we shall do it, only if such a thing is technically manageable. Right to move your data is viable only to this data, which we process based on contract with you, or your agreement.
    8. right to withdraw agreement. In range in which your data is processed, based on consent- you have the right to withdraw your permission for data processing at any moment. Withdraw does not have any effect on legality of processing law, which was made based on  your permission before withdrawal. Permission you may withdraw by sending statement about withdrawal onto our e-mail address, or correspondence address.
    9. right to be forgotten
    10. right to make a complaint to authority. You have the right to make a complaint to supervisory authority responsible for protection of personal data, in this case

      President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  2. For implementation of permissions stated in paragraph 1, you can send appropriate e-mail message to:


§ 3 Cookie Files

  1. Website uses “cookie” files. Lack of changes to the browser settings on the Recipient side, is equal to the agreement to use them.
  2. Installation of “cookie” files is necessary for correct provision of services on website. In “cookie” files there is information necessary for correct functioning of web portal, especially data requiring authorization.
  3. Within web portal there may be used two types of “cookie” files: “session” and “persistent”
    1. “Session Cookies” are temporary files, stored in Recipient device, until rental end.
    2. “Persistent Cookies” are stored in Recipient device for certain amount of time, described in “cookie” files parameters, or until deleted by Recipient.
    3. Recipient has right to decide on access  of “cookie” files to his computer by previous selection in window of web browser. Detailed information about ability and ways to operate “cookie” files can be found in software settings (of web browser”


§ 4 Final Provisions

  1. Administrator uses technical and organizational measures providing protection of processed personal data, adequate to dangers and protected data categories, especially protects data from sharing it to unauthorized persons, taking it by unauthorized person, processing it in law violating ways and correction, loss, damage or destruction.
  2. Provider gives adequate technical measures, which prevents gaining access or making modifications by unauthorized persons to the personal data sent by electronic mail
  3. In cases not regulated by this Privacy Policy, resolutions from rules, decree of European Parliament, and EU council 2016/679 from 27 April 2016 regarding protection of natural persons regarding personal data processing, free flow of such data and repeal of directive 95/46/WE(GDPR), and other proper Polish laws are applied.
  4. Resolutions of this Privacy Policy shall enter into force on 25 May 2018.
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