Apps for your trip

Apps for your trip

If it happens sometimes that you aggange your holidays trip by a car? For sure, you always have your phone with you in order to be in connection with the world. We could give you some ideas, which other phone functions you can use in order your trip would be easier, more safe and comfartable. Despite which car you drive, your private one, business car or you rent a car, we have to offer you several useful mobile applications, which would serve you a favour during your trip.


Let’s start from those ones mainly typical for drivers.


For sure, we do not need to introduce you with Google Maps, but what if you drive to places, where there is no Internet or it is expansive for you? You can use MAPES.ME or momondo places (for iPhone only). Those apps are maps and navigation offline. They also combine turistic places worth to see, as well as restaurants, shops, medical points and more other places.


Yanosik and less popular apps Waze or iOnRoad

Apps infrom you on road conditions. You will be awared of all traffic jams, road inspections or car accidents on the road. Waze or iOnRoad are less popular, thus less users send actual information to the apps. At the same time it positively deals with Yanosik, which has lots of app users reflection.


Fuelio or analog for iPhone Fuel Buddy

Thank's to that app, you can easily provide your diary of costs connected with the car: fuel, remont, servising and more others. Besides, the app shows nearest fuel stations and current (under users' data) prices at those stations.



Not typical for drivers, but for sure it will help during your trip. Often news, advertisement or programms on the radio interrupt us when listening to music during our enjoyful trip.Spotify is a possibility to choose music from any category without edvertisemnt, talkshows and news programms. We can, for example, listen to the playlist, created specially for car trips ( Songs to Sing in the Car) or simply your favorite tipe of music (years 80s, 90s, Rap, R'n'b).



When using app during your trip, we are to remember about the safety. DriveMode allow to use your phone without touching it. With it you can provide most functions with the help of your voice: to call, tekst sms, to change a song or control your navigation. One touch is enough to start the app and choose what you need. In case you want to use lots of functions, which modern life offers us, it is vitally important to do it saftely.



Not only for drivers, but also very useful during your trip by car are the following:


The app allows to find the most important places around the place of your destination. Bank departments, bars, hotels, cinemas. You don't know what to do during 3 hour stay at the vacations? Download the app and check all the attractions around you.


PackKing or Packpoint

These apps will serve a good servise before your trip. For sure, it once happened, when you left for your trip without important things such as teethbrush, towel, umbrella. PackKing and Packpoin, after filling in the information on your trip, will analise the weather and other aspectrs of your trip and will create for you lists of things to be packed. You can also correct it by yourself. Another important thing is that you can send the list to your tripmate as well. Thank's to that both of you will sign up what is already in the baggage and you do not need to ask all the time: 'Darling,you have packed the umbrella already?'



It also could be somehow useful. Especially when travelling with children, you suddenly need to fina a toilet very quickly. It can happen with us as well or with children in any place on the earth. Flush will help to find a nearer public toalet and will inform us, and will inform us if it is not gratis and suitable for disabled people. The app has not been a bit finished to the end, but in case of a sudden need it will be helpful and will find the nearest WC.




The modern time has provided us with hundreds of devices, which help us on every step. Despite, if you travel by a rented car for the first time with your family, or if you drive by your own car to the nearer forest, or in a hurry for a business trip - it will be a good decision to use various apps and devices to simlify your trip.

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