Economical driving - how to drive comfortably and safely

Economical driving - how to drive comfortably and safely

Are you going on a journey? Long, medium, short - it does not matter. What matter is, that you get behind the wheel and you become responsible for yourself, and other travelers lives. Are you preparing well for driving?
It's possible that you get behind the wheel for the first time, or you may have cut your teeth on driving. Drivers often forget about basic rules, because they seem less important. Do you know that ergonomics of driving, like chair position or access to drink may save one's life? During uncomfortable driving, you can get tired faster and cause an unwanted event to happen. So what do you have to remember when getting to the car?


Convenient sitting

The first and most important point when driving a car is to set the seat position. You control the car with your body - mainly legs and hands. Therefore, you must ensure, that your limbs do not tire too quickly. Here are some tips for setting the seat:

  • The height of the chair. The most important thing for the driver is to see the road ahead. The view should not be disturbed by the front panel of our car. So we have to increase the height of the seat, until we are situated above the panel and can see the road ahead. However, we have to try to stay as low as possible, to be near the center of gravity of the vehicle.
  • Distance from the pedals. The chair should be sufficiently far away, so that when the clutch is pushed in, the knee is slightly bent. The leg should move freely between the pedals. Remember that the knee should not be straight. It is important, not only because of the convenience, but also in case of unwanted collision. A straight knee during impact is more likely to break.
  • Backrest. Backrest adjustment is also responsible for visibility and the position of the hand in relation to the steering wheel. If you catch the steering wheel (as it should be) "a quarter to three" way, your hands should be slightly bent. The back should not be too far away either, because it may affect vision. Choose a position, that will allow you to see the road better.
  • Headrest. It is a very important element, especially if collision happens. A well-adjusted headrest can protect us from spinal injuries and the popular "whiplash". The headrest should be positioned so that the head can rest on it and be in its "middle". Simply, the headrest should be a support and prevent tilting the head too far..
  • Mirrors. Never forget about the right mirror setting. They are your help while changing the lane, reversing, parking and many other maneuvers. How to set the right visibility you must know for sure. We will suggest, however, to place them at the very end and in a relaxed position. Do not tense, do not pull your head out. Just sit in driving position. This is important, otherwise, if you want to look into the mirror, you will have to lean out. With a well-arranged mirror, glimpse with minimal head turn will be enough.

Essential goods

Especially in the summer, but not only, few gadgets may come in handy. First of all sunglasses and secondly water. You never know when the stronger sun will shine or when you will become thirsty. The sun can be disturbing at any time of year. At noon and during the sunset, the sun is particularly tiresome. Bad visibility caused by shining sun is frequent cause of accidents, and it simply tires your eyes. Sunglasses will come in useful. Water will help during hot weather as well as during ordinary days, when you may need a little hydration.


When it comes to groceries, it is good to have energy drink, candy or chewing gum. These products will add a little more energy when you get tired behind the wheel. Remember, however, that if you feel more tired, it is better to stop, get out of the car and rest than fill up with energy drinks.


Safety first!

Phone applications - nowadays many drivers use Yanosik or other applications for car driving. We have just two advices. First of all - set everything before the ride so that you do not open and look for anything on your phone while driving. I hope we do not have to tell you how dangerous it is to use phone while driving. Secondly - if you want to see the map, invest in special handles for the phone, so that it is visible without taking your eyes off the road, but also did not block your view.


If you rent a car from a car rental company, try to choose the interior of the car to suit yourself. If you're a big guy, it's good to have a lot of room inside. However, in case of small woman, a compact car may is a good choice. Before you set off on a journey with the car from a rental company, it is worth to practice the basic buttons. Stay for a moment and get used to the location of air conditioning, wipers and other elements - you may not have time to do so while driving. Searching for buttons may distract your attention too much from driving.


Remember that driving a car should be pleasant and, above all, safe. The way you prepare before driving will affect, how you spend your time during the journey.

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